Mojo Chickens will sign a secure grower contract for all its purchased farms. Our objective in setting-up broiler production farms is to grow large enough quantities that will allow us to enter the retail sector of the industry to a maximum exposure and prots. We pride ourselves in producing top quality A-grade chicken products through excellent and detailed feeding and medication programs. Production will be in weekly cycles and a minimum of 10 000 chickens will be sold every week in each farm. Mojo chickens pre-arranges secured discounted agreements with suppliers of feed as well as day-old chicks. All these contracts are synchronised to the production plans of each broiler farm.

Purchase of land/plot/farm
Fully equipped chicken houses setup and ready to house 40 000 chickens pm
Full time sale/farm management/administrations and support
All property, business, and assets to be registered on Obankeng Trading’s name.